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Good Morning Sunshine

Our 95-panel solar system on the roof of the new CYRE building was energized by our vendor, Clean Energy USA, on December 30 and started generating power right away.
It’s functioning beautifully despite the extremely variable weather as you can see from the graph that shows January’s production so far. The total generated is 653 kilowatt hours and it represents a savings of 763 pounds of carbon dioxide. This is possibly the worst month for solar energy production as the days are short and the sun is at a low angle, not to mention cloudy days and snow piling up on the panels. Things are trending in the right direction though, and we will start seeing some dollar savings in our electricity bills next month. Again, we thank the 45 individuals and families who donated First U’s 50% share of the installation cost of $72,800, and DNREC’’s Green Energy Fund that funded the other half.