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Paul and Nancy Pinson Testimonial

Our vision is that our church is a launching pad for personal and spiritual renewal; where learning about and from our differences is what makes us whole and prepares us for the work we must do in the world; where we are intentionally inclusive because we do not know how to be otherwise. Having taught in RE and Our Whole Lives, we appreciate the Unitarian Universalist approach of giving kids honest information and an opportunity to develop their own beliefs in a safe space, just as many of us came to this congregation for freedom of beliefs. Leading and participating in small groups has helped us and others on our search for truth and meaning. Our experience working with the YWCA and UUSC provides firsthand knowledge of the difference we make locally and in the world. Serving on committees and the Board of Trustees helped us understand what it takes to sustain a vital congregation. This is a place that needs us as much as we need it.

When we were reflecting on our relationship with First Unitarian, over 30 years ago, we had just moved back from places where we didn’t have a UU church nearby and were keenly aware of what we had missed. We were raising our children, both working, paying for day care, stretching to pay for our home, and saving for college. Time and money seemed tight. We were contributing to our church the best we knew how, after everything else.

We recognized then that our support didn’t match the difference First Unitarian made in our lives and the lives of our children. It was here that our children found their voices and developed their beliefs. In that moment, our relationship with money and our faith was forever transformed. Starting then, and still true, our church and other causes that reflect our values in action moved to the top of our priority list in our financial plan. We discovered there was always enough – both money and time.

We all have the freedom to direct the flow of what we have – time, energy, creativity, compassion, and money – to make a difference in the world. This intentionally inclusive faith community has transformed the lives of generations and it is our hope it will continue to do so for generations to come. Please consider the impact First Unitarian has made in your lives and give with intention, as generously as you are able.