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2022-2023 Stewardship Drive

What happened last Sunday?
During the Stewardship Moment, we announced the start of this year’s Stewardship Pledging Campaign.

We are having another pledging campaign? Yes, we have one every year, because First Unitarian Church of Wilmington, DE, needs resources every year, if it is to remain a healthy, thriving, engaged, and a programmatically productive congregation. As with all churches and non-profit organizations, our church needs pledged resources to meet all of its operating obligations and its programmatic obligations, from pastoral care to human rights and social justice, both right here and around the world.

How is pledging connected to our Mission?
Our Mission: First Unitarian Church of Wilmington nourishes minds, and spirits, fights injustice, and transforms the world through loving action. To sustain and expand our mission our Church must have resources, which primarily come from pledges made and pledges kept annually. The reality is that resources are needed for us to fulfill our mission and build momentum for the future.

What is the Campaign Theme and Goal?
Goal – $490,000

What are the dates of the Campaign?
February 6, 2022 through March 15, 2022. These are the dates of the main Campaign. And, we urge everyone to pledge during this time, limiting the amount of follow-up, which will be needed.

Although the Campaign just started last Sunday, do we have any pledges?
Yes, we have received 18 pledges and the total amount pledged so far is $97,980.

So, do we want to have a successful pledging campaign?

To have a successful Campaign, every member and friend of our church is urged to take three steps:
Think about your pledge. Pledges are very personal and require careful thought and consideration.
Decide the amount of your pledge. This is a very deliberate and very intentional step—an increase of any amount would be very helpful.
Make your pledge. This can easily be done by clicking on this link First UU Wilmington – “Giving with Intention” – Annual Campaign for Stewardship. You can make your pledge online by completing the pledge form; you can find a form on the website to print, fill out, and mail to the church; or you can call the church office at 302-478-2384 and give your pledge over the phone. You can also ask for assistance in completing your pledge form by calling the church.

Thank you for giving this article your attention. Thank you for being engaged in our church community.
–Doyle Dobbins, Campaign Chair