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Parish Hall Closet Clean-Out

Renee Anderson has been working on cleaning the chair closet in Parish Hall. Many thanks to Phil Krape, Bob Wynn, Doyle Dobbins, Barbara Crowell, Jeff Lott, Charlie Anderson, and Catherine Williamson who have been sorting and evaluating their groups’ needs as we move to opening into our future.

Pictures that are posted at this link are items that we need feedback on: several scarecrows and probably fall festival decorations that were on the top of the shelves, tubs of t-shirts from our new sanctuary drive in the early 2000’s, three boxes that were from ILYA baby showers, and a small rectangular wooden table and a wooden chest of drawers. If you have reasons that we should store these items for future use, please contact Renee Anderson at so we can put your name on them and return them to storage. If unclaimed, we will find them another home for them or discard them. We need to clear them from Parish Hall by Tuesday, February 22. Thanks you for helping us complete this task.