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Our Children are Growing in their Unitarian Universalist Faith!

Activity packets were mailed to our Preschoolers through 6th graders in January and February. Supplies for making intention bracelets, valentine making supplies, and coloring packets for our 1st and 2nd Principles were some of the things included.

Over the past two months we learned about Thoreau and tried some nature reflections. We participated in Yoga and sang some hymns. We thought about how people see us on the outside and who we are on the inside, as well as how we see others based on their outward appearance. Then we took the time to create an outward mask and an inward mask.

This week we will hear the story, “A Drop of Honey.” and witness the catastrophe that occurs when no one takes responsibility. Then, we will turn the story around and figure out what acts of kindness could have occurred that would completely change the story. What acts of kindness can we each provide? If we all provide small acts of kindness, how might that change the world?

Children received an Act of Kindness form in the February packet and were asked to keep track of their Acts of Kindness over a period of two weeks.

Families, please share with each other at dinner, or during your chalice lighting, the acts of kindness you received and gave. Send us some of the Acts of Kindness you performed or received. Did someone help their sibling zip their coat? Maybe you stopped to help pick up a stranger’s groceries when their bag split apart. Let us know how you are spreading kindness!

Help us create a video! Make a heart using the supplies sent in the packet or supplies you have at home. Take a video of one person at a time running from right to left. They should act as if they are being handed the heart and then act as if they are passing the heart along to someone. Email Catherine at or upload your video here. People of all ages are asked to participate!