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Our Intentions for Beloved Community

First Unitarian Church of Wilmington is a beloved community that nourishes minds and spirits, fights injustice, and transforms the world through loving action. This is our mission – our intentions for First U.

Our seventh Principle, “Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are part,” recognizes what Martin Luther King, Jr. espoused – that we are all interconnected, inextricably linked to the well-being of others. We believe this and are striving for this at First Unitarian Church as we seek to be the Beloved Community, welcoming of all. We work at caring for each other in many ways. Caring starts with greeting all who join us, whether in our building or online, helping those who are new to find their place in our many programs. We care for each other’s children under the direction of Catherine Williamson and the religious exploration programs. We care for our members and friends who are ill or hurting through our Pastoral Care program, led by volunteers and our Minister, Rev. Larry Peers. We provide for connection through our small group programs like Soul Matters and Connection Circles and most recently, LifeStream@FirstUnitarianWilmington, brought to us by Rev. Peers.

Ultimately, we seek to transform the world, the larger end of Beloved Community. We live out our values in the larger community as we seek to create a humane culture within and without. Just this past year we have provided funding for Audio Visual staffing as we brought Jon Claney onboard, and our worship services are reaching people in the community who may not otherwise have found us. With funding, we could offer our sexuality curriculum, Our Whole Lives, in the community, benefiting children and youth outside our congregation. Our social media presence already includes inspiration provided by the Soul Matters program we subscribe to and pay for. Our programs for social justice are visible and welcomed in the community, including participation by non-members.

When you listened to the Sunday worship service last Sunday and heard what the youth in our Independent Living for Young Adults program had to say about the difference we have made in their lives, what did it inspire in you? What are your intentions for First Unitarian Church in building the Beloved Community?

Here’s what Ed and Darlene Scott say about their support:

“We support First UU Wilmington in every way we can –
because we need this community –
and because this community needs us.

We need this community because it:
Encourages us as we seek our truth.
Challenges us to live our values.
Inspires us to go beyond what is comfortable.

And this community needs us:
To give voice to our principles in the larger community and world.
To show love and acceptance to all.
To speak and work for justice that honors the inherent worth and dignity of every person

We pledge because our actions show what we value.
We pledge because this community needs to know what resources it can count on to carry out its mission.
We pledge because we are committed to this community at First UU Wilmington.”

YOUR GIFT MAKES A DIFFERENCE. Pledged with intention, given with intention, it carries with it energy and possibility, now and in the future. Please pledge and give as generously as you can to this year’s stewardship campaign.

So far, we have raised $191,176 toward our goal of $490,000 to support our church next church year, 2022-2023. We have heard from 43 families. If you have not yet pledged, please visit our web page, First UU Wilmington – “Giving with Intention” – Annual Campaign for Stewardship. There you will find information on how to pledge, along with more information about pledging, including the UUA’s Giving Guide and automated giving. If you are ready to pledge online, please click here.