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Making a Difference

As we all watch in horror to what is happening in Ukraine, we want to do something to make a difference. We can.

As you may know, our Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) partnered with local groups in Hungary, Serbia, and Croatia when refugees from the Middle East were flooding to Europe. UUSC is in the process of engaging with former partners and finalizing its vetting of new partners to help with Ukrainian refugees fleeing Russia’s invasion and destruction in Ukraine.

You can go to the UUSC website and donate now to support organizations which will help Ukrainian refugees. And we will keep you updated on what UUSC is doing for Ukrainians. You can also read a message by Rev. Mary Katherine Morn, of UUSC, here.

Then mark your calendar. Sunday, March 13th is UUSC Justice Sunday and the Special Offering will be for the work of the Service Committee. UUSC is our Unitarian Universalist human rights organization, based upon our UU principles, working for social justice around the world. Come on the 13th to hear our minister Larry Peers’ sermon about Creating Justice and Beverley Baxter’s Stewardship Moment on the work of UUSC.