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Our Intentional Community – Our Collective Souls

On Sunday, we heard Rev. Larry Peers give an impassioned sermon on “Faith Beyond Belief”, reflecting on the “repercussions of one man’s autocratic actions” in Ukraine and beyond, adding, “we have to dare to stand alongside of one another and look at it, look at what’s happening in our world… We need not hold all of this alone, so I feel a quiet gratitude this morning, this very morning, that we can be together in this sanctuary and online so that we could hold all of this in our collective souls together.” He presented snapshots of life of those fleeing home in uncertainty and those resisting faithfully to evil, and asked these questions to consider together: “What would you hold onto in a time of crisis? What would you cling to, to hold you steady and keep you connected, give you some glimmer of hope?” Our answers likely tell us what we cherish – one way to understand “faith”.

As we reopened our church building, once again, and gathered in the building and online, members and friends greeted each other with happiness of being together, in community. At a time of great destruction and crisis, to be together and know that we are not alone, to hold each other, to understand what we cherish, are how we thrive at First Unitarian, supporting us in our individual searches for meaning and our work in the world.

James Moser tells us why he is committed to supporting First U:

It took me over sixty years to find First U, Wilmington. Most of that time I didn’t know I was looking for it, but when I came here, I knew I had found “home.” For me a religious home is defined by excellent preaching, good music, community committed to compassion and justice, and the freedom to be embraced amid diverse spiritual quests. And, home is a friendly place. All of this I have found at First U, whether we meet virtually or in person. This is what I am willing to commit to with my presence, energy, and financial support.

YOUR GIFT MAKES A DIFFERENCE. Pledged with intention, given with intention, it carries with it energy and possibility, now and in the future. Please pledge and give as generously as you can to this year’s stewardship campaign.

WE STILL HAVE A LONG WAY TO GO! So far, we have raised $300,516, just over 61% toward our goal of $490,000, to support our church next church year, 2022-2023. We have heard from only 91 families so far.

If you have not yet pledged, please visit our web page, First UU Wilmington – “Giving with Intention” – Annual Campaign for Stewardship. There you will find information on how to pledge, along with more information about pledging, including the UUA’s Giving Guide and automated giving. If you are ready to pledge online, please click here.