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Upcoming March Worship Service

Sunday, March 27th “Is It Possible to Be Not Spiritual?” with Rev. Dr. Larry Peers
If it is possible to be “spiritual, but not religious” is it also possible to be “not spiritual”? Rev. Larry will draw upon some of the relevant research of Dr. Andrew Newberg, a neuroscientist, who studies the relationship between brain function and various mental states. He is a pioneer in the neurological study of religious and spiritual experiences, a field known as “neurotheology.” Kate Franta, Worship Associate

I look forward to our exploration and discovering new meanings for faith in the Soul Matters’ groups and some of our services this month.

A Resource to Prime Your Interest:

You might find this On Being podcast on “The Meaning of Faith” from the perspective of four traditions and lives: Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Discussions with Sharon Salzberg, Rabbi Lawrence Kushner, Anne Lamott, and Omid Safi are included.

In faith,
Rev. Larry