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Choir Notes —March 18, 2022

After months of singing to our Iphones and Ipads in isolation, the members of the First UU choir made music together in Parish Hall on March 10. We owe Rev. Richard Speck a “high five” for his dedication during the pandemic in electronically blending individual recorded voices to produce a grid-choir for the Sunday services. Rehearsals on Zoom prepared us but making music is more fun together. We made it work, but choirs are much more than the sum of their “parts.”

We welcome newcomers to our reconstituted group. Kathy Harris, our voice coach/director, has selected several hymns and a jazzy piece called, “I Dreamed of Rain,” for upcoming services. Share your sound and joy in making music, Thursday evenings at 7:00 p.m. in Parish Hall. Masks and vaccination requirements continue until further notice. For more information and questions, please contact Kathy Harris