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Exciting News! New Covid Pandemic Rules Effective April 10

The Covid Response Task Force set new guidelines in response to lower rates of Covid-19 infection. The following change will go into effect on Sunday, April 10.

Vaccinination are still required for all eligible people. You can upload your card at this link and we will continue to check vaccine status at entrances on Sunday mornings. If you have already uploaded your vaccination card, thank you! You do not need to upload it again.
Masks are still required for everyone.
We will eliminate social distancing requirements, which means no more roped off rows in the Sanctuary. People may sit wherever they wish, with friends and family, and no social distance rules will apply.
We have already started singing softly under our masks in worship. This will continue, and we will also make hymnals available on a cart in parish hall for anyone who prefers to use hymnals instead of the projected words.
We will allow social time in Parish Hall after worship starting April 10. Please feel free to visit with your friends either in the building or on the grounds after worship.
Masks will be required for indoor socializing in Parish Hall.
We will not permit food or drink so that everyone remains masked at all times.
Second floor access on Sunday mornings:
Second floor classrooms and hallways will be open to everyone starting April 10. Contact the office for room reservations at
Library hours will be 9:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m. – Please note that when live choir returns to Sunday worship, they may need to warm up the choir in the music room (due to AV activities in Sanctuary). In that case, library hours would need to change to 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. No date has been set for the return of live choir to worship.
Masking and vaccination rules apply in public areas on the second floor. See rules for small groups, below, for more information on masking rules.
Rules for small groups outside of Sunday worship are also revised as of April 10:
Small groups (15 people or less) can meet in their own room in the building if everyone is vaccinated. Contact the office for room reservations at
Facilitator or group leader should ask if everyone is comfortable with taking off masks for the meeting. If any one person in the group is not comfortable with other people being unmasked, then the default decision is to have everyone wear a mask.
Opening windows or turning on AC is recommended during your meeting time for air circulation.

We look forward to seeing more people in the building in April, and we are thankful that current pandemic conditions allow for more opportunities to connect with one another. As always, we will continue to monitor pandemic conditions and if needed, will update our rules to reflect any new risk that may occur from new variants or surges. Questions? Please contact Marina, our Business Manager, at