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Special Offering, May 8: Planned Parenthood of Delaware

Planned Parenthood of Delaware
PPDE offers health services for people in Delaware, PA, NJ and MD. Our services include: primary care, pre-natal care, birth control, STI testing, PreP, mental health care, abortion services, smoking cessation etc.

Over the last 4 years I have been the Board Chair of PPDE and in that time I have seen more need for care and during the Trump administration, less funding. The pandemic and staff shortages have made it harder for us but we persevered! And in December 2021, we opened our 4th clinic in Seaford DE. What a joy for us having been bequeathed money to help us open the clinic, and address opposition to our services.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support PPDE! The Sunday May 8th offering will help us keep providing quality care in Delaware, especially with the pending Roe v Wade court ruling. How appropriate on Mother’s Day that we recognize an organization that celebrates women and their choices.

Elyse M Reznick
Board Chair, PPDE 2018-2022
Member of First U since 1987