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Solar panel performance has been great!
Each month, the 95 panels have produced from 13% to 41% of the electricity we have used. From the monthly production bar graph, you can clearly see how the longer days and increasing height of the sun in the sky raise the amount of electricity generated. What you can’t see is the huge variation from day to day between overcast skies and bright sunshine all day! These variables have resulted in a low production day of 1.01 kWh and a high of 207 kWh since the panels started up on December 30, 2021. Interestingly, even though solar production rises significantly during the 3 summer months, our use of electricity rises even faster due to air conditioning. Delmarva Power’s very complex billing system and variations in use from year to year mask the cost savings but our best estimate is about $2600 saved this year plus $880 from selling Solar Renewable Energy Credits.