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Do NOT Forget to Vote!

It is time to VOTE! The Unitarian Universalist 5th Principle says that we “covenant to affirm and promote the right of conscience and the use of the democratic process.” Please do not fall prey to the narrative that voting in Delaware does not matter or that the outcome of Delaware’s elections have already been decided. Even in Delaware, the democratic process is not as strong as it could be. Last year, Delaware’s failed to pass expanded housing rights and voting access (see details below). High voter turn-out is important and shows that we care to strengthen our democracy. Here is information about voting in Delaware.

Since the last census, redistricting occurred. These new districts are being implemented for the first time this November. For some of us, the district we had last year is not our district anymore. You can look up your district at this link.


Early voting has begun and continues THIS WEEKEND. If you know you will be busy on Election Day, you can go vote on Saturday, November 5 or Sunday, November 6. Find your early voting location at this link.


Use this link to learn more about some of the candidates on the ballet in your district.


Housing Issue: Although the Delaware Senate passed legislation to expand housing rights such as giving tenants a right to council, the House failed to do so. The Delaware Housing Alliance polled all the House of Representative candidates to see if they support expanded housing rights in Delaware. Please take a look at the results of this Housing Candidate Survey at this link.


Voting Access: Democracy is also literally on the ballet – even here in Delaware! This year, we saw our voting rights expanded and then quickly reduced again by the Delaware Supreme Court because of the limits on absentee voting in the Delaware constitution. To expand access to voting in Delaware, we will need to pass a constitutional amendment. Here is the information about how a proposed constitutional amendment did not pass in 2021. You can check this link to see how your current representative voted.


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