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Annual Vision of Governance

Every year, as part of its responsibility to review and set the strategic direction of and oversee the affairs of the Church, the Board of Trustees develops an Annual Vision of Governance. The AVG consists of a short list of priorities that provides direction for the Executive Team, staff, and volunteers to move the Church towards achievement of its values, mission, and ends. With regards to this charge, this year is no different. However, what is different is that the Church as a whole is engaging in a number of activities to determine how best to both assure our financial stability and, most important, how to most effectively pursue our mission.

You probably are well aware of this week’s strategic planning session being led by Rev. Larry: “Re-Imagining and Reclaiming our Future.” Organized by a separate steering committee, this Board-supported effort is designed to tap into our collective dedication and creativity to identify future possibilities and the paths to get there.

We also have a workgroup assessing all aspects of the Church’s physical and financial resources to map out options for greater financial stability in the context of challenges facing our changing membership. The findings and ideas developed by the workgroup dovetail with the ongoing Board responsibility to oversee the Church’s financial well-being in coordination with day-to-day fiscal management under the Executive Team. And this year’s AVG places special focus on our finances in light of Covid-related and inflationary strains impacting our budget.

Also as part of the AVG, we’re putting some effort into keeping the Board’s house in order. Maintaining a strong and informed Board is critical to our form of governance and, to that end, we’re giving special attention to preparing Board members in all aspects of our responsibilities. Not only is this intended to enhance broader participation, but it also is aimed at building a strong bench for future leadership.

These broad priorities, along with our continued focus on the health and safety of our Congregation, will help ensure the vibrancy of our faith community.

Mike McCabe, Chair, Board Governance Committee