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Guest at Your Table

A UUSC partner since 2015, the Hungarian Helsinki Committee (HHC) is the largest, oldest, and currently, the only non-governmental organization in Hungary aiding asylum seekers and refugees. Zsolt Szekeres, the legal coordinator of HHC’s Refugee Program, says that the invasion of Ukraine transformed their work almost overnight as Hungary became a first nation of arrival for Ukrainians fleeing their war-torn country. Faced with the inability of the Hungarian government to meet this challenge, HHC ensures that lawyers and other HHC staff provide information and assistance in a variety of languages including Ukrainian and Russian.

UUSC has provided an emergency grant to HHC to respond to this crisis. Just as important as this monetary support is solidarity in the form of publicity and moral support in the face of government opposition. “It was very uplifting for us that our partners, including the UUSC, did not abandon us in this fight despite the government’s clear efforts to shut us down,” says Zsolt. Despite years of hatemongering by the government, there has been an overwhelming social response to the crisis by the Hungarian people. “We are, together with our partners, upholding a basic sense of decency in a country that’s being so tormented and ravaged by the radical right,” Zsolt adds. Your gift to the UUSC supports an organization dedicated to upholding universal human rights, protecting asylum seekers and the general rule of law in Hungary. To learn more about Zsolt Szekeres’ work with HHC watch a video of him at this link.

You can donate to UUSC today at or by sending a check to the church made out to UUSC.

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