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Scams and Spam

Every now and then, spam emails or texts may be sent to church members that appear to be from a staff member, fellow congregant, or a church email address or cell phone. Most of the time, if you look at the wording, the language sounds strange, asks for odd things and the request may seem inappropriate. Often the name of the person does not match the actual email address listed in the “From” field in your email. We recently saw a number of spam emails that appeared to be from Rev. Larry.

These emails and texts are NOT from our minister or anyone at First Unitarian Church. Please do not reply to those emails and do not follow the request to purchase gifts cards or send money to the sender. Even if it looks like a legitimate church email address or phone number, contact the church office if you are suspicious.

NO ONE from our staff or leadership will ever ask you to urgently purchase gifts cards (or other monetary items) or otherwise ask for emergency assistance. Please contact the church office with any questions at You can also report the spam to your email service provider, to the mobile phone provider, or to Google. First Unitarian emails come from Learn more about how to recognize and report spam and scam emails, here.

Use your spam filter tools as well to mark any spam email as junk. Over time, your spam filter learns what to trust and what not to trust. Spam is ever present in our lives; be alert. Thank you!