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Join us for Our Various Holiday Services, Events

You may be asking: Are we going to be celebrating Advent? Are we going to be honoring Hanukkah? Are we going to be celebrating Winter Solstice? Are we going to have a Christmas Eve Candlelight service?

The answer is: “Yes” and “Yes” and “Yes!”

Those new to Unitarian Universalism may wonder if we know what we’re doing. Sometimes, it can feel to newcomers and long-term members alike–that during the religious holidays of December and winter, that Unitarian Universalists do a lot of “channel surfing” from one holiday to another.

Indeed, we intentionally seek the universal meanings within and across all of the holidays.

In addition to the services, we have some fun events planned—including a soup dinner following our outdoor Solstice Celebration on December 18. Please plan to join us and invite your friends. All the details from December 4th through January 1st can be found at this link.

Have a happy and meaningful Holiday Time,

Rev. Larry