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February Creativity Matters

First U is going to have a Pop-Up Art Show every month in honor of that month’s Soul Matters theme! We want to see your creativity! The fourth Sunday of every month, you are invited to share a work of art that you created that reflects the theme of that month.

The theme for February is Love. 

On February 26th, bring to the church your work of art inspired by Love. We will have a table in Parish Hall set up to display the art, giving church friends and members the opportunity to explore your art during Coffee Hour. We’d love it if you also have a small blurb explaining what your art represents to you. You take the art with you when you go home.

Here are some prompts from Soul Matters to get you inspired:                                                                                                                                                                                Create abstract art. What does love feel like to you? Click here for some awesome examples of using art to give you the feeling of love.
Use the technique of black out poetry to create a love poem. Here is a YouTube video to inspire and guide you!
Design a heart map. It is “a visual tool to help us reveal our stories, experiences, and emotions… all the things we hold in our heart.” Start by watching Georgia Heard’s TED Talk at this link.
Here’s a set of questions to help you think about what you might want to include in your piece:
“Who are the most important people in my life?
What is the most meaningful and good thing that has ever happened to me?
What is the most meaningful and bad thing that has ever happened to me?
Where was I when my heart was broken the first, second, third, and fourth times?
What is my biggest regret? Mistake? Loss?