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Building Care and You

This year we continue to make use of our facility on a regular basis. More and more people are using classrooms for meetings and other spaces for parties, potlucks and workshops. Although we have a custodial staff to do cleaning, trash removal and room set ups, we have a small staff and we could use everyone’s help to keep our facility comfortable for everyone.

When in the building, please try to leave your space the way you found it, if not better. If you move chairs around in a classroom, please put them back the way you found them. If you use the kitchen, please clean up and wipe down the counters. If you have a cup of coffee in your hand, please return it to the kitchen after coffee hour, instead of leaving it in the hallway or on a table in the office. If there is a big event, please offer to help the custodian on duty with putting tables away, if you are able.

Together we can keep First U a welcoming place for everyone. Interested in helping in other ways with buildings and grounds? Please email Marina at