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Reasons to Give to First Unitarian Church By Jeffrey Lott

Each week during worship, we affirm our mission: “First Unitarian Church is a beloved community that nourishes minds and spirits, fights injustice, and transforms the world through loving action.” These 21 carefully chosen words are grounded in our congregation’s shared values: love and compassion, growth and discovery, freedom and justice, wonder, and joy.

My pledge is a way to support our mission and values. Won’t you join me with your pledge to the “Generating Our Future Now” 2023 stewardship campaign?

If you need more reasons to support our congregation, here are the top ten reasons that I would offer:

Love. “No matter whom you love, you are welcome here.” More than anything else said in this sacred space, these words confirm that we Unitarian Universalists are answering the call of love.

Unity. As a congregation, we don’t always agree about politics, economics, social issues, theology, and even the future of the church. Yet our unity is strengthened by freedom and acceptance—and respecting our differences.

Challenge. We are challenged to be our best selves, individually and collectively.

Change. Fundamental to Unitarian Universalism is that our journey never ends. We can change at any time and do so safely, here.

Choice. Most of us did not grow up in this faith. It’s our chosen religion, where we can be our authentic selves.

Worship. To speak in unison, to sing and listen and think together, to greet each other, and to collectively embrace our children, gives us strength to go out and live meaningful, productive lives.

Service. Service to each other and our community. Together, we find the spirit and strength to help in many ways.

Inspiration. We come here to be affirmed, nourished, and recharged.

Community. First Unitarian Church is not about you or me; it’s about “we” and “us.”

Responsibility. Each of us is responsible for this church, through our care, time, and financial commitments.

Thank you to everyone who has submitted a pledge for next fiscal year, 2023-2024. Your generous support means so much to all of us. As of March 1, 2023 we have raised $385,000 (about 77%) toward our goal of $499,000!

Ready to pledge or want to learn more about our church finances and pledge options? Please go to our website, here.

If you prefer, we will have a table at coffee hour after worship with pledge forms available. You can also call the church office at 302-478-2384 and give your pledge over the phone, or stop by and pick up forms in the front office, during office hours, M-F, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Thank you for your support of First Unitarian Church!                                                                                                                                   Your Stewardship Team