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Why I support First U: An Accidental Unitarian

The path that I have taken in my spiritual life has been rocky at times. In choosing a direction at a fork in the road, I have often made away-from decisions. That doesn’t feel right. I don’t believe that. It became my habitual way of searching for an organized faith that resonated with me.

The unlikely event of reading an electronic sign while driving down Concord Pike brought me to First U. With no intention of finding anything significantly spiritual or vaguely useful, I came for the music of Leonard Cohen.

What I discovered was a very positive resonance and a path that allowed a way forward. Everything was there for me at First Unitarian: I could learn from non-dogmatic sermons, I could explore wide-ranging reading material, I could exchange ideas with like-minded people, I could engage in the rewarding social justice programs, I could CONNECT. I did all that and found a viable and meaningful philosophy. Maybe I won’t agree with everything or everybody, but I don’t ever want be limited in exposure to something new. And there is plenty of that at First U. I credit its accepting, positive atmosphere with making the spiritual path a lot smoother.

It is only through the free exchange of ideas uninhibited by dogma that we can find the way to live courageously and authentically. That is the aspiration of the seeker in me. I support First Unitarian, because First Unitarian is supporting me.

Stephanie Cloud joined First Unitarian Church of Wilmington in March 2018. She serves on the ILYA leadership team, AV Team, LifeStream Adult Education Team, and is part of the Soul Matters group (Ovals). She has also participated recently in the Technology Strategy and Financial Sustainability Action Planning groups.

Stephanie Cloud