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Cheers for our SCPP Students and Their Mentors!

As the academic year draws to a close, we celebrate the youth who have been supported by Student Care Package Project (SCPP) volunteers.

SCPP was one of ILYA’s earliest outreach programs, and for 16 years has remained one of its most popular with volunteers and students alike. Young adults pursuing higher education or serving in the military are on their own, often with no contact with their biological or foster families, and are sent five packages throughout the academic year from their SCPP volunteer.

Charlotte Grabau leads the SCPP and says “Receiving these packages can mean a lot to a student — whether they contain goodies to snack on while they’re studying for exams, essentials for living on their own for the first time, or gift cards for food or gas. The gifts are a welcome surprise that brightens each recipient’s day. And they brighten the volunteer’s day too!”

Kathie Stamm tells about her ILYA student this way: “I have been involved in ILYA’s Student Care Package project with my student since January of 2021. He was a freshman at the University of Delaware, majoring in Mechanical Engineering and on the basketball team. Since then, I have been joined by Roy and Ann Draper from Mill Creek Church. Four or five times a year we find convenient dates for lunch to learn more of what is going on in his life and deliver the packages. He is finishing his junior year, having switched to Civil Engineering. He’s very excited about the internship he will have this summer with a career-related engineering firm in San Francisco.”

Han Franke’s student will graduate in May from Golden Beacom, with a degree in computer science. He wants to stay in Delaware and has applied for work at several local banks. “That’s where computer skills count!” says Hans. “He looks to be a responsible addition to the workforce.” Hans has enjoyed getting to know his student, noting his enthusiasm for both athletics and academics. He stuffs his packages with favorite snacks and practical gifts to help with studies, and personalizes them with items that reflect his student’s interests and with something that reflects his own background in the Netherlands. He says, “Adding some Dutch things gives us something to talk about and helps him get to know me. We’ve enjoyed getting acquainted over lunches.”