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Covid Pandemic Update

As most of you are aware, the national emergency related to the coronavirus pandemic is ending on May 11, 2023. More information is available at this link. Over the past year or so, we have been checking the Covid by County web site weekly to keep informed about transmission risk in New Castle County. The site has consistently shown low transmission rates over the past several months.

After meeting with the church’s Covid Task Force last week we determined that it is no longer necessary to check transmission status weekly or to require masks or verify vaccinations to participate in church activities. We will instead assume low risk of covid transmission at church unless a new surge of infections occurs in our county.

Of course, we encourage all of our community to follow public health recommendations regarding vaccines. We also want anyone who chooses to wear a mask to feel comfortable making that choice. Usher baskets will have masks available if you need one. Some groups, like choir, may continue to require masks if needed for the comfort of their group members.

The Covid Task Force will continue to to monitor conditions and if a new surge occurs, we will provide updated precaution information to the congregation. Questions? Please reach out to Marina, our Business Manager, at