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Unirondack is Filling up Fast!

Unirondack is a summer camp established by the New York State Convention of Universalists in 1951. We strive to merge our work with the UU values, and have found our program most poignantly focusing on acceptance, justice, equity, compassion, and valuing the inherent worth and dignity of all people. Things that build an inclusive and intentional community that serves our youth and we add youth empowerment and political awareness to our camp’s influences.

Beyond the principles, Unirondack’s work and community members are not exclusively UU. We place strong value on the possibilities and fun that can be created when you build a youth-centered space. We achieve our ultimate goal of fun by working to remove the barriers of acceptance and self-love the world puts on us. And the results are beautiful and come at a time when the world so badly needs places that tell youth they belong.

We are a UU summer camp. And we welcome everyone else who feels uplifted by values of truth and acceptance as well.We uphold values of queerness, youth empowerment, political awareness and social justice, and a commitment to grow and change with our community.

To learn more about our program, visit or email We have programs for youth, families, young adults and adults alike! You’re never too old to play, grow, learn, and build community – come say hello.