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YWCA and First U Team Up for Racial Justice

The First U Human Rights Task Force is partnering with YWCA DE for their Until Justice Just Is campaign with this year’s 21-day Racial Justice challenge. We hope all of you join us on this journey and please consider inviting your friends and family. YWCA’s Racial Justice Challenge is a virtual learning tool designed to create dedicated time and space to build more effective social justice habits, particularly those dealing with issues of race, power, privilege, and leadership. New content is released on weekdays and participants log on to the challenge app on their phone or visit the website and are presented with 21 days of activities such as reading an article, listening to a podcast, or reflecting on personal experience.

There are ways to interact and discuss with others during the challenge via the website and each Monday YWCA Delaware will host Virtual Let’s Talk panel following the previous week’s topic.

You can register here for the challenge any time!

There is a different topic every week.

To Register for the Lets Talk, click here.

Brought to you by the Human Rights Task Force (HRTF). Questions or comments, please contact Becky Laster at