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STRATEGIC PLAN for 2023-2028: Action items and directions-Explained

May 15 6:30 p.m.

Process: On November 11-12, 2022, under the leadership of Rev. Peers, the Strategic Planning Summit Committee (SPSC) planned and hosted the Summit, “Reimagining and Reclaiming Our Future,” Over 70 church members participated, representing a range of age and interest groups within the congregation. After the Summit, Action Planning Teams developed a report containing action items and directions. Since that time the Board Strategic Planning Committee (SPC), now including some members of the SPSC, reviewed the action items and directions of the Action Planning Teams. Recommendations and objectives have now been turned over for implementation to the Church Teams, namely CYRE, AV, Lifestream and staff. These teams have prepared a detailed summary of action items, approaches, and some current implementation. To view this summary, click here.

The Strategic Plan is comprised of several approaches to achieve the action items and directions.

1. Becoming a congregation that serves more families with children.

2. Offering rich opportunities for adult education & spiritual growth to our members and the wider community.

3. Use modern technology to improve outreach and connections.

4. Increase income and financial sustainability.

5. Reduce carbon footprint.

Next Steps:

This article is to acquaint the congregation with a detailed version of the SP for 2023-2028. Please review and bring your questions to a ZOOM Q and A session on May 15 at 6:30 p.m. Invitation to the ZOOM meeting will be sent out upon request to Phil Krape,


Contributors to this article were Rev. Larry Peers, Catherine Williams, Jon Claney, and the Board Strategic Planning Committee:

Strategic Planning Committee:

Vivian Gray – Chair, Board member.

Phil Krape – Member

Jacquee Lukawski- Board member

Kate Cowperthwait- Board member

Paul Pinson- Member