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Creativity Matters

On Sunday, May 28th, you are invited to bring your art reflecting on the Soul Matters theme of Creativity, and share it during coffee hour in Parish Hall. If you need an inspiration for creativity, here are some ideas:

Some say creativity is the ability to turn the ordinary into art. This is certainly true of street artist Tom Bob. He is a master at seeing the artistic possibilities in the seemingly mundane. Check out his work with this link: Try to take something ordinary and turn it into something creatively extraordinary!
The Pan Americana School of Art and Design created an ingenious way to help people test and explore their creativity. They created sheets of paper with lines of X’s and O’s and then invited people to draw as many things as possible that originate from those X’s or O’s. Here’s more about the project and examples of X & O sheets: Why not try it yourself?! See how many X and O creations you can come up with.
Synesthesia is a neurological condition which causes people to process songs as colors, and paint music. The videos below explore this. But you don’t have to have synesthesia to give this a try. Drawing or painting a piece of music might be one of the most creative adventures you’ve tried!