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CAPAS CORNER – Celebrating the Small Things

Our Congregational Accompaniment Project for Asylum Seekers (CAPAS) continues to work with the family from Tanzania. As a Host Congregation, we are working with the family and a lawyer to submit the asylum application. Once this application is submitted, the family is legally allowed to stay in America through the asylum-process.

For more information about what it means tobe a Host Congregation, click here.

As with any spiritual practice, sometimes it’s the small things that take the most time and also really matter. We have had successes this month that may seem small, but took an incredible amount of time and effort. First, we successfully obtained the apartment mailbox! This was a much longer and involved process than we ever thought a mailbox could be!! Now she can receive the important documents the asylum office will send after her application has been submitted.

Second, we were able to arrange door-to-door transportation to and from school each day from the school. Again, although it seemed like this would be simple to do – as the family moved into the district, it turned out to be a challenge. We had volunteers providing transport to and from school each day since they family moved at the end of March. Now these volunteer hours can be directed to other essential tasks.

We are seeking more volunteers! We need people willing to work directly with the family and also more administrative support as well. Please let us know you are interested by filling out this Volunteer Interest Form.

One BIG accomplishment is that, collectively, YOU donated enough so that we earned the $5000 matching grant from UUSC! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We will soon be publishing a Faithify Campaign to raise more money from the wider community. If you don’t want to wait, please feel free to send in a donation now! Donation link: First U CAPAS Donation.