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A Sure Cure for Loneliness!

A new report from the Surgeon General says the USA has an “epidemic of loneliness” with serious health effects that can be linked to increased rates of high blood pressure, diabetes, infectious disease and dementia. One of the report’s key recommendations is to “Strengthen social infrastructure in local communities.” As members of First U, through our values, mission and ends, we experience firsthand the restorative power of social and spiritual connection.

One way to strengthen and broaden those connections is by participating with other UUs at this year’s General Assembly in Pittsburgh. There you’ll find not only inspirational workshops and worship services, but also a wide range of social activities where are you can meet new people and form new friendships.

You can even be a voting delegate representing First U. The General Assembly is where the business of our denomination is conducted. Policies are debated and voted on and emerging issues are targeted for future action. You’ll be working with other UU leaders to shape the future of our faith with the election of a new UUA president and the planned revisions to the Association’s bylaws.

While there are many reasons to attend GA in person, you don’t have to be there — you can attend online. You can even be a delegate online. It’s in Pittsburgh — an easy day’s drive – and takes place Wednesday, June 21 – Sunday, June 25, both in-person and online with the theme of “Faithfully Becoming.”

If you’re interested in serving as a delegate, please reach out to Board Co-Presidents Leslie Dickerson,, or Cinda Crane, Delegates will be affirmed at our annual meeting.

Use the following link to register and find out more: General Assembly

One thing for sure, no matter how you participate, you won’t be lonely!