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Peace Week Delaware

You may be thinking, “Didn’t I just donate to Peace Week Delaware last fall? Aren’t they part of Pacem in Terris, which received the September Special Offering?” We’re guessing some clarification is in order.

These two Delaware peacemaking groups have always been separate organizations. From its founding in 2016, Peace Week Delaware was nurtured by the much older Pacem in Terris (1967), which has served as our “fiscal sponsor” by sharing its non-profit status so that Peace Week could receive tax-deductible donations. Throughout those years, Peace Week Delaware was “growing up”—and in 2022 we became an independent non-profit in the state of Delaware.

With our increased maturity has come an expanding vision. Peace Week Delaware is committed to supporting peace-building not just for one week each fall, but through all of the year, not just with youth and adults but increasingly with young children.

How do children learn about peace and make it a part of their vocabulary? We believe one of the ways is through The Peace Book by Todd Parr. Using engaging art and text The Peace Book introduces the term “peace” to young children in terms of their everyday lives and encourages them to act peacefully. It offers a tool for parents, teachers, librarians, and for all of us to discuss peaceful ways for children to relate to people around them.

Peace Week Delaware is committed to giving this book to children regardless of their resources. We hope you will want to help us put this book in the hands of many more young children.

The entire special offering on June 11the  will be used to purchase books for Peace Week Delaware to give away at Open Streets Wilmington, summer festivals, the Brandywine Art Festival, and other venues. Thank you for helping us offer this beautiful book to the youngest among us.