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Andy Cope Team Meets June 12 at Noon

How many UUs does it take to change a light bulb? It depends on who shows up with a bright idea. It takes two to change a fluorescent bulb.

How many UUs does it take to change batteries in a clock? It depends on who has the time to do it.

How many UUs does it take to clean out a closet and organize it? Several well motivated volunteers make the work go quickly.

The Andy Cope Volunteer Team wants you to give some time on Monday, June 12, 2023 to help out with little tasks that keep the place running at First Unitarian Church. We meet for a brownbag lunch at noon and get a list of projects that need doing from Ernie and Marina. We divide up the work and set out for the next two hours.  

You would be surprised how much can be accomplished in that time by many hands. No major skills are needed, just a willingness to contribute in some way. Just show up and join the fun and fellowship of making our church home better. For more information, contact Richard Speck,