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First U showed up for Pride this year!

Plopped right next to the Delmarva Cluster, we had the whole state covered! Representatives from UU Central and UU Southern were on hand if folks lived outside of our area and vice versa. Two of our members, Cynthia de Leon and Kim Tull, brought First U literature, a big candy bowl, and tissue paper of many colors (the wind was not our friend!). We taught people how to make tissue paper flowers, using whatever colors they chose. Most were excited to select the colors of their pride flags. We had a flyer with all of the flags displayed for those who needed the reference. The process of making tissue paper flowers is very meditative and takes any where between 2 – 5 minutes – the perfect time to introduce folks to Unitarian values and principles and invite them to try our church. We learned a lot (thanks to the Cluster members!) and will be prepared to step up our Pride game next year!