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PFLAG Wilmington is Looking for Leaders

PFLAG Wilmington has been providing support to the northern Delaware community (and beyond, occasionally) for over 30 years. Jim Bianchetta has served as President since 2016, has been an active supporter of PFLAG Wilmington since 1999, and was the President of PFLAG Houston TX before moving to the MidAtlantic. While not resigning his support for PFLAG, Jim will be resigning his current position on October 1, 2023, so we are seeking replacements for him and to expand the leadership team. Without an effective leadership team, PFLAG Wilmington will not continue to exist in northern Delaware.

In recent years, PFLAG Wilmington has supported the community through its :

Monthly support group meetings, where LGBTQ+ folks and allies meet to receive and give support
Distribution of its monthly newsletter
Provided systematic outreach to schools and other local organizations
Formed and chaired the DE LGBTQ+ Housing Safeguard Committee
Responded to many email and phone requests for support and information.

For a detailed list of our activities over the last 3 years, please click here.

Aside from generic “all good organizations do this” standards set by PFLAG National, the only specific tasks required of each PFLAG Chapter are:

Submit annual 501c(3) report to the IRS (takes 15 min.)
Submit annual DE state franchise report (15 min.)
Submit annual financial report to PFLAG National – including payment of national dues (15 min.)
Collect annual dues and update membership in PFLAG National database (30 min.)

Lastly, as a result of the perception of the good work being done by PFLAG, several organizations (including yours!!) submit unsolicited donations to us. (For 2 organizations, we submit an annual grant request and receive funding from them as a result.) Therefore, we have a reasonable financial standing that helps us do what we do.

If anyone in the First U community would like to be considered as a new member of the PFLAG Wilmington leadership team, please click here to complete the form posted at our website. Thank you!