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Summer Means Closet Cleaning!

Our custodians and building coordinator have been hard at work cleaning storage areas including the janitor closet, candle closet and garage. Here is a photo of the garage organized and ready for summer/fall garden projects.

Every summer, we try to clean out storage areas so we can start the new church year organized and ready to go. The largest, and most commonly used by the congregation, is the Parish Hall closet, where we keep tables, chairs and supplies for memorial services and other activities. As is common every year, this closet has become a dumping ground for everyone (at least it seems that way!)

Later this summer, we plan to aggressively attack the Parish Hall Closet. This means we plan to get rid of as many items as possible. The staff knows some items that need to be kept, but there are new items that have appeared this year  which we don’t recognize.

If you or your committee has items stored in the Parish Hall Closet, please stop by in July and make sure your items are clearly identified, and remove any items you no longer need. We hope to do the clean up in August.

Questions? Please email Marina at Thanks!