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August Moving and Summer Birthdays; Please Volunteer!

Our Congregational Accompaniment Project for Asylum Seekers (CAPAS) has exciting changes happening this August! It has been a great summer. The son got to attend some summer camps and the mother is learning more English. We continue to wait for her to be eligible to apply for working papers.

A New Home!

The family is going to move to a new home on Saturday, August 19 and Sunday August 20! We need help with cleaning the new place on Saturday and moving the family in on Sunday. Please volunteer to clean the house or help move the family at this link.


Birthday Celebrations!

Happy Birthday to our Asylum-seeking family: mother and son, whose birthdays are in July and August.

Since they are receiving a limited stipend from our asylum project without the option of being able to work yet, the committee is putting together a “Basket of Gift Cards and Good Wishes” for them. They will be able to shop for Back-to-School items, birthday treats and some back up transportation if they need it.

If you would like to participate by adding birthday cards or gift cards you can bring them to the church office where Marina will keep them in a safe place until August 28th (which is Stella’s actual birthday). If you drop them off on Sunday, they go in the money slot. Any usher can show you where the money slot is located in the church office.

Gift card options include Target, Kohls, Boscov’s, Walgreen’s, Acme, Old Navy, Uber and Lyft. They still have some Dart passes and since they are moving to new digs near Branmar Plaza, a nice gift would be to help Stella learn to use the bus system. Invitations to a lunch, dinner or event would help develop more connections to our community. If you have children who would like to get to know Daniel better, he is a friendly, English-speaking 12-year-old. A game night might be fun.

All gift cards will be considered gifts to the family and not tax deductible contributions.

Let’s be the welcoming congregation that embraces our new friends.

Thanks to all our volunteers who are providing English tutoring, driving to appointments, and visits to community events. We appreciate your time! Thanks also to those who have donated money. We appreciate your treasure! We couldn’t be doing all this without your support.

Questions or comments, please contact Kim Tull at or Cynthia deLeon at Thanks!