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Ingathering Sunday – All are Welcome!

Hope Calls Us Home: Ingathering and Gathering of the Waters Service”

Rev. Dr. Larry Peers, preaching;  Catherine Williamson, assisting; Ed Scott, worship associate

Sunday, September 10, 2023

The visionary and prophetic justice-maker, John Lewis, once declared, “I believe that we are all a spark of the divine, and if that spark is nurtured, it can become a burning flame, an eternal force of light.”

Join us for this special Sunday service of ingathering when we reaffirm our commitment to nurturing the spark within each of us and also to join together to be a force in each other’s lives and in our world.

Please note: Children will join us for the first part of the service, including the Gathering of the Waters ritual. If you have gathered water from a special place to you this summer (even if it is from your own home), we ask you to bring it to the service as we “gather the waters.”