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Board Plank

After a fruitful summer, our Ingathering service welcomed the new church year. Rev. Larry is continuing his efforts to involve members, new and old, in church activities in accord with his vision of ministry, developed this year.

The Covid pandemic had caused disruptions in our normal programming, but we are now back to in-church services with Zoom service available for those who cannot attend in person.

This year we welcomed 24 new members, many of whom have become involved in the life of the church. Our Lifestream Team organized our second annual summer camp which had 99 registrants, 13 members leading and 4 guest presenters.

This spring we had a successful pledge campaign, increasing our revenue, necessary to operate our church. However, we continue to have an operational deficit (5 % of budget), which necessitates drawing from our reserve funds. This is not a sustainable practice.

Our Financial Sustainability group, part of the Strategic Planning effort, has developed recommendations to improve our financial outlook. Look for more details in the weeks ahead regarding financial sustainability and strategic planning.