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Soul Matters – Heritage

What does your heritage mean to you? Heritage is the Soul Matters theme for the month of October.

On Sunday 10/22/23, you are invited to bring art that reflects the theme of Heritage. We will display the art during coffee hour after the worship service, and then you can take your art home with you when you leave. Here are some ideas to inspire your creativity!

Photographs of our ancestors don’t just capture the past, they speak. If we let them. For this exercise, find and print out 4-6 photographs of beloved family members who have died. Then sit with and meditate on them long enough until you hear them speak. After that, get creative and tie the picture and words together, by gluing their picture on top of a larger piece of paper. Pick a piece of paper large enough that there is a good 3-4 inches of margin all around the picture of your loved one. Then in the margins write all the various ways they spoke to you.
Create a collage filled with objects that represent your familial heritage. Start by listing all the images from your family heritage you can think of: national flags, cultural foods, ancestral dress, unique objects like a family watch or necklace, grandparents in their work outfits, pictures of the family farm, the welcome sign to the town your family has lived in for generations. Then dig through magazines to find pictures that represent the objects. Feel free to also use old family photographs or draw if you like. Then create a collage.
We most often think about our heritage in terms of the people who have gone before us and shaped us. But our heritage arises equally from events! So do some research and identify as many events in your family history as you can and then creatively name them and depict them on a timeline. Be sure to creatively embellish the written words with images, doodles, designs.