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First Unitarian Fund Drive in Support of Human Rights: October 22 – November 19

Did You Know?

The Unitarian Universalists have been coming together for decades to support human rights through the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) Guest At Your Table (GAYT) program.

During this special program, UUs of all ages learn more about important issues and the groups or partner organizations that UUSC works with to advance human rights.

UUSC partners with more than 50 groups in 20 countries around the globe, together responding to humanitarian crises, gender-based violence, persecution of advocates, climate change, marginalized ethnic communities and more.

Guest At Your Table is a chance to get to know the stories of 4 people connected to UUSC partners. They are the guests at your table. From supporting youth leadership trainings to amplifying their voices to world leaders, to buying needed supplies after a natural disaster are just a few ways that UUSC helps.

Through Guest At Your Table, Unitarian Universalists help form a mighty web for UUSC partners to do their important work in promoting human rights through your donations.

Thank you for keeping this important work going strong.