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Be Generous with your art!

We invite everyone to be creative with the Soul Matters theme each month and to bring in their creation on the fourth Sunday of the month (Nov. 26th). This month’s theme is Generosity. We display the art in the Parish Hall after the service, and then you can take it home. Here are some ideas if you need inspiration:

What might it look like to generously share the creative process with others?! Give it a try this month by joining with another person (or a few people) and passing around a piece of art that you start, and they finish, or that you pass back and forth until it is done.
Make two pictures: One of what happens to you when you are generous and another of what happens to you when you are selfish. Place these two opposing images side by side. Use whatever medium you like. Make it realistic or abstract.
Bring a favorite generosity quote to life with your creativity. If you don’t have a generosity quote in mind already, here is a link to a bunch of Soul Matters favorites to choose from. It contains quotes that use or evoke visual imagery.