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Thank you to all our volunteers on Sunday, November 5

Thank you to the MANY volunteers who contribute their time and talents preparing for and participating in the Sunday Service experience. They support our talented staff to make it all possible.

USHERS:  Greg Griffin, Beverly Bach, Maggie Duffy, Jennifer Brown


HYMN LEADER:  Rebecca Fisher

PASTORAL CARE:  Giovanni Maiorano

FIRST U LIBRARY:  Open Sunday mornings 9:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m., Second Floor; Randy & Judy Windle, Rich & Joan Carter

AV TEAM VOLUNTEERS:  Richard Speck, Matt Sargent, Mitch Weiss, Dale Megill, Paul Pinson


CHILDREN’S RELIGIOUS EXPLORATION:  Edris Harrell, Susan Cicala, Becca Hammonds

OPEN HOUSE COFFEE HOUR TABLES:  Music Committee, Children’s Religious Exploration, Human Rights Task Force, Independent Living for Young Adults, UUSC