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Gilmore Crosby and rock & roll were both born in the 1950s, and they suit each other. On the other hand, he spent his early childhood in segregated Nashville, and racism, sexism, and classism don’t suit him at all.

With values deeply rooted in social justice, Gilmore has built a unique career helping people connect and treat each other with dignity and respect. He is an author, a grandfather, an educator, and an Organization Development (OD) practitioner. His knowledge draws on his own 40 years of experience, and that of his father, Robert P. Crosby, who began his own OD career back in the 1950s. Gilmore jumped at the chance in 1984 to be his father’s assistant on a bitterly contentious project for the city of Spokane, Washington, to decide the future of the main downtown park. He has been going strong ever since, with international experience in Egypt, Spain, Mexico, Chile, Germany, Poland, Canada, and Jamaica, as well as years spent at PECO Nuclear and EDS.

Gilmore was a member of the Newark Unitarian Fellowship prior to moving to Wilmington. His seventh book, “Diversity without Dogma: A Collaborative Approach to Leading DEI Education and Action,” was published in 2023.