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UUSC Guest at Your Table – Pacific Islands Students Fighting Climate Change

Meet Sepasitiano Patelisio, vice-president of UUSC partner Pacific Islands Students Fighting Climate Change (PISFCC). While the climate crisis will ultimately impact us all, the people who live in the Global South and the Pacific Islands have been sounding the alarm for years. They are the people who contribute the least to this crisis yet are living with the consequences of actions they did not take.

PISFCC promotes Indigenous people’s right to self-determination and brings young, creative minds into the search for climate solutions. They work closely with Pacific Island governments to meet community needs such as infrastructure improvements, disaster preparedness plans, and ecosystem restoration projects to mitigate the impacts of extreme weather events. They were instrumental in getting the UN General Assembly to adopt a resolution calling for an advisory opinion on climate change and human rights from the International Court of Justice. This sets a precedent for how larger climate change-inducing nations should address the climate crisis in a way that is equitable. Sepastitiano cites PISFCC’s and UUSC’s shared goal in tackling this crisis: “It is only through collective action that we can address the impacts of climate change.”

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