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And, Continuing to Learn About and Supporting


This Sunday, November 19, 2023, we begin the “soft” wrap-up of our annual Guest At Your Table (GAYT) program for 2023. It’s a “soft” wrap-up, because we never close up shop, we only send out fewer articles, and make fewer announcements about UUSC. Assuming that we all want to continually promote human rights and social justice, we need to do three things:

Keep learning about UUSC’s work. Make good use of their website. It will readily tell you what you need to know.
Have a personal plan. As a person interested in UU principles, decide what the best way is for you to support UUSC’s worldwide human rights and social justice work. This link provides options for personal giving.
Be intentional. Think of yourself as being in an intentional and financial stewardship partnership with UUSC. You could also use this link to give via Guest At Your Table now, or any time throughout the year.

We are very pleased that Jessica Sapalio and Cassandra Ryan will be with us this Sunday, both on the UUSC leadership staff, to speak with us and help us better understand the world-wide work of UUSC and how significant our financial support of that work is throughout the year.

If you want more information or have questions, contact Doyle Dobbins or Beverley Baxter at 302-798-2545. They are very willing to talk about UUSC and answer any questions you might have.