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Holiday Giving Project is ‘Wrapping Up’

Thanks, everyone, for giving ILYA a hand!!

Sundays have been active at the ILYA table with lots of folks pitching in and wrapping gifts of tool sets, speaker phones, and LED lights (and more!) and writing holiday messages to each of the 102 young adults on ILYA’s gift list this year. The energy and engagement showed in all age groups — new members and longtime members and in-between. A longtime ILYA volunteer said, “I loved seeing groups of young kids sitting on the floor. One young mother told me she had to drag her daughter away to go to a birthday party.”


Saturday, December 9 is the Grand Finale for ILYA’s 2023 Holiday Giving Project! From 11:00 a.m. -3:00 p.m., we’ll gather in the parish hall to put the final ribbons on our all the fully-stuffed gift packages. We invite you to join us in the holiday spirit to wrap gifts, write cards, enjoy new and old friends — and make the holidays extra special for ILYA’s special “kids.”


Of course an essential element in making the gift project happen is buying all those gifts for 102 young adults and their families. There’s still time —and donations of any amount are welcome! And remember donations can be made in many forms: you can drop your check in the basket — or mail it directly to First U. Don’t forget to note “Holiday Giving.”


You can also donate directly to ILYA by clicking on this link on the First U website.


If you would like to join us December9 — or have any questions about ILYA’s Holiday Giving project, please contact Francine du Pont at