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Buildings and Grounds Caring for our Church

We have a large and complex building with a nice bit of land to take care of. Our Building Coordinator, Ernie Congo, keeps things in order:

  • coordinating vendors to mow the lawn and plow the snow,
  • making sure the heat is on
  • ordering cleaning supplies
  • wrangling repairs
  • And a million little things – too many to list here.

We also have a few dedicated volunteers who help us stay on top of things, including Bill Hardam who oversees solar panels, Phil Krape who offers wise advice, and Richard Speck, who helps with minor tasks around the building.

We can always use more help. A well maintained facility is welcoming to all. If you are interested in lending time and talent to care of our building and grounds, please reach out to Ernie at or Marina, our Business Manager, at We would love to have you!