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Respiratory Illness Season Update

It is winter time and we are hearing sniffles and coughs everywhere we go. Flu and Covid infections are increasing across New Castle County. Please keep this in mind when considering whether to attend church in person. If you have symptoms, please stay home.

You can watch church every Sunday, livestreamed on YouTube each week. For more information on remote church, please click here. Many of our Lifestream programs are also offered over Zoom, please click here for more information.

Everyone should be informed about their personal risk factors for respiratory illness. You can check levels of covid, rsv and flu at this link and decide, week to week, whether you feel comfortable with the level of respiratory illness in our community. You can choose to attend remotely if levels are above your comfort zone. Feel free to mask up anytime while attending church services and activities in the building. Ushers have masks available if you need one. Masks can help reduce the amount of germs you breathe in, and may also protect other people from germs you may have.

There are additional options to protect yourself against serious illness and mitigate spread of respiratory illnesses. CDC recommendations include:

Stay up to date with vaccines
Everyone 6 months and older should get a yearly flu vaccine and a current COVID-19 vaccine. Find a vaccine at
CDC recommends that all infants receive protection from one of these tools to protect them from getting very sick with RSV:
An RSV vaccine given during pregnancy
An RSV immunization given to infants and some older babies
Adults 60 years and older also may receive one dose of RSV vaccine and should talk with their healthcare provider about whether RSV vaccination is right for them.
Seek testing and possible treatment if you get sick
Practice good hand hygiene and cover your coughs and sneezes.

Please be respectful of your fellow congregants. If you like to greet people with hugs, please ask them first. While social distance isn’t required, it is polite, and requests by others to maintain personal space should be respected.

We can help each other, especially help those members of our community who are at high risk for serious illness (ex. elderly, disabled, and people with compromised immune systems) stay healthy this season.