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Delaware’s Indigenous Tribe

Sunday, February 11– 12:00 -1:00 p.m.; Sanctuary

Ruth Ann Purchase – Co-founder, Greenbridge

Registration Required – Childcare Available – Zoom option available

The Lenapes are an Indigenous Native American tribe who live in a community in central Kent County Delaware. Come to celebrate the culture and contributions of the Lenape tribe as related by community activist, Ruth Ann Purchase. We will hear stories of past and present. We will look beyond the generalizations and reflect specifically about how we perceive our Indigenous communities and their relationship to the natural environment. By dismantling stereotypes you may not know you carry–or you may not recognize as harmful–you can make your initial steps towards repairing the damages done by colonization and begin uplifting Indigenous voices. You can expect a free-flowing exchange of knowledge and learning at this event. Please register at this link.

Ruth Ann is the co-founder of Greenbridge, an organization dedicated to improving the lives and prospects of the Lenape people. Visit their website at to learn more.