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Pop-Up Art Show!

Sunday, February 25th, bring your art to display in the Parish Hall during coffee hour! We would love to see your artistic reflection of the Soul Matters theme of Justice & Equity. If you need some inspiration, here are some ideas from Creativity Matters:

We all have our favorite piece of “resistance art.” It might be the clenched fist symbol or the Rosie the Riveter poster. So this month, to honor this resistance artwork, make a version of it with your own spin on it; personalize it by connecting it to something unique about your or our times.
Protest signs don’t just capture our stance on a justice issue, they also capture a piece of our unique personality. Funny people’s protest signs disarm. The signs of serious folks usually get to the heart of the issue. So spend some time thinking about both your unique stance on a justice issue and your unique personality. Then use your creativity to create a protest sign that combines them.
Many of us have a justice-oriented quote that keeps us inspired. So this month, honor and spend some time with a treasured justice quote by creatively embellishing it. How you do that is up to you. Some suggestions: “ransom note” technique, visual poetry style, paint or draw a portrait of the author, painted rocks, watercolor embellishment. Make the quote come alive!